“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.     – Picasso

Is it true? To the artists and art aficionados, it’s true indeed. Aesthetic experience has the proven ability of cleansing and healing our heart. Why otherwise did the primeval men get inspired to draw and paint on cave walls?

From the cave walls of Maltravieso to the post-modern bricolage, the manifestation of art forms has continuously been changing and evolving.

Although the year 2020 has thrown us into a halt worldwide, the pandemic neither could wither away the universal human inclination towards emotive and cerebral elation that art offers nor should it snap the bridge between artists and beholders. The cyber domain fortunately has opened up an opportunity to reach out to a wider spectrum of people.

Sushovan Art Foundation (SAF) takes up the task to facilitate an uninterrupted communication through a digital platform while organizing a suite of online art exhibitions with different forms of arts: paintings, graphics, sculpture among others. We believe online showcasing of art won’t lose its significance even when normalcy returns rather it may become popular day by day in our progressively busy lifestyle.

SAF also has plans to publish the artworks in printed format, like folder and handout, and subsequent archival preservation of documents and manuscripts. Publication in printed format of course might be a bit difficult to accomplish as it involves funding. SAF would dare take the challenge.

However, online art magazines time to time alongside the art exhibition would be an ongoing project.

There are distinguished artists who have passed away long ago and their work has almost fallen into oblivion. SAF would like to take up the task to rediscover their work with honour and respect they deserve. Some artists have left us recently. SAF would like to pay tribute to them by showcasing their creation in a gallery, online or offline.

SAF intends to serve as a platform to flourish young, promising art talents providing them an opportunity to exhibit their artworks. The larger and long term goal would be spreading art awareness among the people. The progressively hurried life has to be counterbalanced by some sort of meditativeness. SAF believes art would serve that purpose.

Finally, organizing art based conferences comprising lectures/talks by various artists, art critics, display of art based documentaries etc. would be done routinely.

In coming next three months, the following events have been planned:

Online art exhibition along with publishing an E-magazine.